Storm/weather cancellation policy

Because we live in the mountains, hazardous travel conditions may exist. We have policies in place to protect the safety of our instructors and our members.
Heavy storms that affect travel are predicted days before they arrive. If you live/know/struggle to leave your residence during these storms, please cancel out of class 24 hours before the start of class time. Our instructors work hard to hold classes regardless of the weather and often position themselves so they can make it to the gym. The 24-hour cancellation policy applies as we pay our instructors per person to make an effort to be at the gym for you.
We recommend that if there is an impending storm cancel out of class and if by chance can make it to the gym the day of, re-sign up. If a class needs to be canceled to protect our instructors, we will cancel ahead of time to notify everyone in the class via text. Please make sure you have opted into contact with us in Mind Body so we can notify you.
Reminder, we are a small local business and no-shows/late cancels deeply affect our business, our instructors, and also other members that are on the waitlist. Please cancel the class 24 hours before class starts time if you can not make it. Cancellation fees apply to all Pilates classes. You can cancel out the same way you registered for a class, click the cancel button in your account in Mind Body. Cancel from your account in MindBody, we do not accept cancellations from voicemail, email, or text.