“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” - Joseph Pilates
Our Pilates program at Liv is the most qualified in the Truckee/Tahoe area. All of our instructors are fully certified on all apparatus, have completed the 500+ hours through professional Pilates schools such as Balanced Body and Physical Mind and have decades of teaching experience. At Liv our focus is quality, we have 6 max students in each class so you are ensured a class that is designed for your needs. Our equipment is all Balanced Body and we have the new Allegro 2 Reformers. Here is what members have to say about our Pilates program:

I have been doing Pilates for over 25 years and Kelley is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have seen. She has such an amazing ability to evaluate movement patterns of her clients and come up with correctional exercises on the spot. I love her classes. She always makes them interesting and so effective. But I really appreciate private sessions. She has helped me so much with my posture and flexibility. I’ve also taken Body Combat and Body Pump classes from her and they are so high energy yet safe. Really looking forward to her new studio. ~ Jacki M

I have worked with lots of pilates instructors over the past 15 years and Kelley is hands down one of the very best! The depth of her knowledge of body mechanics and the many ways to individualize a program for a specific student is tremendous. Her focus is on quality of movement, gaining strength and learning to re- pattern your movements in a way that is right fo your body. Her private classes can be transformative whether you are rehabbing an injury or working on functional strength movement that will benefit all of your physical endeavors. Her group classes have just the right energy, superb queuing on how to do the exercises properly while paying attention to each student. THIS is pilates. ~ Hannah P.

Kelley introduced me to Pilates a year ago, as I recovered from spinal fusion surgery after a serious accident. She has been instrumental in my continued recovery. Her knowledge of Pilates and re-programming body movement, after injury, has been invaluable to my daily comfort and my ability to have confidence in being active again. I look forward to every session! She is a pleasure to know and the BEST trainer I could ask for! I highly recommend Kelley and LIV studio to anyone seeking longevity in an active, healthy lifestyle. ~ Tara C

Kelley Is the most knowledgeable and finest Pilates instructor in the entire area, if not the world. She is very friendly, and her sessions are fun and physically rewarding. I have taken Pilates classes for over 8 years and after working with Kelley, I have become stronger and healthy. Kelley is an extremely conscientious and observant trainer. She is very aware of her clients physical limitations and health issues and she makes you feel very safe. And you always have fun too. Kelley is the BEST! ~ Jen K