"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" - Joseph Pilates

How to sign up and register for classes at Liv:

Either through our website HERE or via the MindBody website HERE or via the Mind Body app on your phone or device HERE. Click on the word BOOK next to the class you would like to attend. You will be prompted to sign up or log in and then shown the different pricing options. Once you have chosen your price options and have paid, you will be able to sign up for class. All of your account information will then be in Mind Body and when you go in you will be able to see your schedule and if you are on the waitlist what number you are in line. Please see our cancellation policy below on how to cancel your class and what our policy is.

How many days out can I register for a class?

You can register for a class 7 days prior to the date of the class. So if you’d like to ensure you are in class on Tuesday at 10:30 am, register for it the Tuesday the week before 7 days prior.

What classes are included in the monthly unlimited membership?

Group fitness classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat, Cycle, Dance Cardio, Circuit Training, and yoga are included in the membership. You can book an unlimited amount of those classes per month. Reminder, this is an auto-renew contract and at purchase, there is an agreement contract to provide 30n days’ notice to terminate. Your membership will auto-renew on the date of purchase in the following months. Apprentice Pilates and Pilates Reformer classes are not included in the membership and require class packages.

What if I have a monthly membership and I can’t book 7 days in advance?

Mind Body is asking for payment but I have a membership! Your monthly membership auto renews on the day of the month you purchased it. When you get close to that date, because you haven’t auto renewed and haven’t paid yet for that month, Mind Body will ask for payment. DO NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP OR CLASS PACK. Instead you have 2 options, wait until your renewal date or contact the gym and we can run your auto renew early. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

Please contact the studio at info@livstudiotruckee.com. This is the only way as your membership is a contract that requires 30 days notice to cancel. When you buy the membership you sign a contract that gives you the bonus of monthly unlimited classes at Liv. The contract is terminated by Liv management vs through your own account in Mind Body. 30 days notice is required. The membership is not available for only 1 month. It is a month to month with the ability to cancel with 30 days notice.

What is your cancellation policy?

Members cancel themselves out of class via their Mind Body account. Cancellations are not excepted via voicemail or email.

Please keep in mind that we are a small local business, and no-shows and late cancels deeply affect our business, our instructors, and also other members that are on the waitlist. Please cancel out of class 24 hours prior to class start time if you can not make the class. Cancellation fees apply to all Pilates classes, loss of class on pack. There is no charge for late cancellations of group fitness classes BUT please cancel out if you can not make it as there are others on the waitlist. Mainly for equipment classes like Cycle and Body Pump, we hold equipment for you.

What if I canceled class within the cancellation window and didn’t take a class, do I get a refund?

Your class will be credited back to your account if you cancel outside the 24-hour window. You can then use that class to register for another class. All sales are final.

What if there is a waitlist?

When a class is full a waitlist forms. Waitlists do cycle through so don’t hesitate to add yourself. If you get into class you will be contacted via email. You can set up in your Mind Body account to be notified via text as well as email. The waitlist locks 24 hours prior to class start time so you will have plenty of time to know you are in class. In the situation of a late cancel during that locked out time you may be notified if space opens up but will not receive penalty if you can not make the class.

How will I know if I get into class off the waitlist?

Important: Do not opt out of notifications, this is how the booking system contacts you when you get into class.

You will receive a notification via email or you can choose to receive texts by opting into your account in Mind Body. The waitlist locks 24 hours prior to class start time so if you haven’t received a notification then you did not get into class. You will only receive a notification if you were added to the class.

What if I bought a class and I was on the waitlist and I didn’t get in, do I lose that class?

No, the class is in your account ready to use again. All sales are final.

When do class packs expire?

Check out the pricing page on our website HERE and you will find how long your class packs will remain active.

Should I take a private Pilates before I take classes?

Yes and no. Pilates is uniquely about the individual. If you have an injury or want to have a private session to know what your focus should be in classes then yes, please contact the studio to set up a private. If you do not have an injury and have been on a reformer before, you are more than welcome to jump into a class.

What should I bring?

Please bring a Mat to Functional Strength Class, Mamma Barre Class, Pilates Circuit, and if you’d like, but not required Body Pump and Body Combat. We will be coming down to the floor in Body Pump and Body Combat for the conditioning core part of the class so if you’d like to bring a Mat please do but is optional for those classes. Shoes are not required for all Pilates classes.

Do you offer Cycle shoe rental and do you provide cycle shoes?

No, we don’t require cycle shoes but recommend you bring your own. Our Stages Cycle bikes have both SPD clips and cages for regular shoes. We do not provide or rent cycle shoes at the studio.

How do I book a private Pilates session?

Please contact the studio, info@livstudiotruckee.com and we will work with you to schedule a private session.

For more details about classes, please visit our schedule page HERE and click “view details”.