Liv was founded as a welcoming space where members can find wellness in movement led by caring and knowledgeable instructors. Our ultimate goal is for our members to be happy and healthy.

With this goal in mind, we’ve established the below covid safety protocols for our gym. These protocols are meant to keep everyone healthy, and our gym open and available so we can all continue to have this space that we so dearly love.

Covid protocols:

  • All safety guidelines will be made available upon entrance, throughout the gym, and via digital platforms.


  • Instructors will:

    • Understand quarantine behaviors;

    • Be strongly encouraged to wear masks when within 6 feet of members

    • Know club capacity restrictions (if any) and how to monitor; and

  • A strict stay at home policy for any instructors exhibiting symptoms and a reporting process for confirmed and/or potential COVID-19 contraction will be implemented.

Social Distancing

  • Strict adherence to CDC distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet of distance in all gym activities,

    • Gym capacity limited to a certain number of people, per local mandates

    • No contact training and no equipment sharing training sessions;

    • Social distancing signage and floor markers;

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation Protocols

  • Medical-grade cleaning products and hand sanitizers available throughout facility, and:

    • Require hand washing before and after workout;

    • Increase disinfectant stations with hand sanitizer available in lobby and throughout the facility whenever provisions are available; and

    • Pre-use and post-use wipe down protocol on all equipment

    • Detailed in-depth and frequent cleaning checklist:

    • Full facility will be cleaned thoroughly a minimum of every 2 hours with medical-grade product, including equipment and all surfaces during staffed hours; and

    • Bathrooms cleaned every hour during staffed hours.

  • Water fountains for refilling water bottles only.