“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things" - Joseph Pilates

Becoming a Pilates instructor takes time and effort. At Liv we have a supportive Apprentice program for instructors who are in the process of certifying. All of our Apprentices have completed extensive module training on the apparatus and college level anatomy. A complete Pilates certification is 500 + hours with a certifiable school and the Apprentices are now in the teaching and observing phase.

We are thrilled to support them with our Apprentice Program at Liv. All of our Apprentices are in the Balanced Body School and are working with a certifiable studio. Liv is in the process of becoming a Balanced Body school and in the future will be holding Instructor Training.

Liv has had such rapid growth that our Instructor Training Program is yet to be announced. We are in the process of moving into a larger space and we will have more Balanced Body equipment such as the Core Align, Oov and EXO Chairs for all.

Don’t worry! With this growth we will continue to remain intimate and small. 6 students for each class max. We believe in the fundamentals of Pilates and when done in a smaller class size, with knowledgeable instructors, you truly receive the benefits of this incredible movement system.

Check out the Apprentices! We are so proud of them and their commitment to this journey to become a Pilates Instructor. Their classes are at the same price as group fitness and are included in our $99/month unlimited membership.

If you are interested in becoming one of our apprentices please contact the studio.

We have great things coming your way so keep checking in with us at Liv.